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Call For Assistance: 707.596.3036

A Mission for Change
Providing a unique curriculum dedicated to practicing and aspiring Spiritual Coaches. Bestowing the knowledge necessary to optimally serve their clientele, GoldenRoadAcademy strives to build a formidable frontline of influencers to usher in a new age of consciousness.
Those who've heard the calling know who they are; we have an undying thirst for knowledge and self-betterment; we feel the woes of society and know the human race is destined for more; we've chosen to stand in the Light, unafraid of the consequences - and this is why we are proud to be known as Seekers.
Offering Spiritual Coaching refinement curriculum to those walking their path of service.
with Your Grateful Guide and Instructor
8-Weeks to Living Your Spiritual Potential
This Program is designed to clear the negative aspects of the Subconscious to create a Sacred Vessel for channeling the Divine Energies of the High Self. As an optimally-functioning channeler, one exposes their Authentic Self to the light of their everyday life, ameliorating every aspect of their existence. This Program is directed toward the Spiritual Coach but is perfect for those looking to cultivate their latent Spiritual Gifts in order to be of service to humanity.

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