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Bodily Fortitude

"There was a long time there where abusing my body seemed to be an automatic byproduct of my lifestyle. I didn't realize I was even hurting myself until after I started to heal -- you see, a warped, pained perception tricks us into thinking our harmful actions  are actually beneficial to the body (drink more, smoke more, eat more, etc...)

Once I started healing the past, easing the pain of the mind, and walking a loving and compassionate path, my body awareness increased dramatically. This allowed me to eat only what my body needed and loved. It allowed a focused dedication to movement as a form of nourishment. And finally, my clean body-mind helped me really understand myself on an intimate level. 

If you suffer from physical, emotional, and mental pain, remember: it's all connected. Heal one and the rest follow suit. Bodily fortitude is simply a byproduct of a healthy heart and mind."

- Zane Wheeler, CCHt

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