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Ascension in a Nutshell

With all this talk of Ascension lately, one might beg the questions: “what is it really? Why is it a topic in New Age circles? How does it affect me? And, if it does, where can I get real information on it?” Valid questions, I’d say. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find concrete answers.

Luckily, that’s where I come in.

As a Spiritual Coach, I’ve synthesized years of research and study of occult and metaphysical themes into a private one-to-one interfacing service for clients seeking guidance on their spiritual paths. I work to align them with their personal sense of “knowing” within. Some call it ‘intuition’, others ‘gnosis’; but I like to call it the wisdom of the body. And you can take it from me, this wisdom is profound. And yes — we all have it — even you.

Why do you care? Well, that’s simple: what if I told you that it is this wisdom you possess that will lead you through the trying times ahead with supreme accuracy? And I’m so sure of this that I’ve based my entire career on this “personal wisdom” and its ability to guide my clients to achieve amazing feats of healing, time and again. And boy has that choice paid off.

It’s hard to deny that were facing hard times; awkward, uncomfortable, even downright terrifying times. It doesn’t seem like there’s even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. But, that’s just it — there isn’t. This light we seek doesn’t come from outside of us. You won’t find it in a new car or a move to a new country. It doesn’t exist in policy reform or a successful protest (which aren’t bad ideas). No, the answer to our collective plight is much closer to home, for the light you seek is within you.

Look within and all will become clear.

An abundance of unimaginable power lurks just beneath the surface of your psyche, just through the veil between this world and the infinite sea of wonder within. Don’t believe me? Close your eyes, slow your breath, and you’ll feel a glimpse of it. It’s there. And like a message in a bottle, this great sea beneath conveys to the shores of your consciousness the greatest wisdom of all:

“…you can relax because everything you could ever want or be you already have and are.” - Dustin Hoffman, “I Heart Huckabees”

Ok, ok, so you’re willing to believe there’s a chance you have an unfathomable wisdom within that can lead you out of the darkness of your personal life and give more of what you desire. But, how does this affect the world at large? How does our personal “light at the end of the tunnel” reflect the collective? Well, ever heard the saying “as above so below, as within so without”? You probably have, but did you ever give it any deep thought?

Like, what is it truly trying to say?

‘As within so without’ is the key here.

Let’s look at the common oak tree with its sprawling limbs and perfectly-placed branches with their little baby leaves collecting all the sunlight this huge organism needs to thrive. Well, if we were able to peer beneath the surface of the Earth, beneath this behemoth, we’d easily see the intricate mapping of a root system which reflects a chthonic mirroring of the limbs and branches above. Why does it grow in this manner? Well, for balance of course, but more to the point — the below affects the above and above the below.

Microcosm mirrors macrocosm as well, as the very cells which hold our DNA mimic precisely and beautifully the arrangement of a solar system — the central sun’s planets orbiting on a celestial axis of pure organic delight.

So, it’s easy to assume that as everything else is connected in this way, so too is the outer world and the inner. My reason for saying this is simple: change the world within and see it reflected without. What you decide your life to be within, bends your experience to that narrative. And, all it takes is a decision to change, that’s it. It could be the scariest decision you’ll ever make, but it will yield — without a doubt — the highest return. Let me explain…

Two types of people.

To understand the Ascension in the most relatable terms, consider the rapture: All of God’s worshippers and faithful being whisked away while all the heathens with satan in their hearts stay and burn. A real nasty scene, right? Well, the Ascension is the same general concept but with less fire and brimstone.

Essentially, it all comes down to consciousness and personal reality. Part of being a spiritual seeker is an awareness of others’ feelings as your own — something we’d refer to as empathy. When one embraces an empathic mindset, they’ve chosen an avenue of compassion toward their fellow man and thusly, their reality bends to reflect that choice. They may notice better luck, a disengagement from materiality, a wholesome happiness in their heart, etc. Conversely, choosing to remain arrogant and self-serving often results in a nauseating loop of unfulfilling relationships and a pessimistic victim mentality which ultimately creates an unhappy, boring existence.

It’s all a choice.

We see above that the first example of a given individual has chosen a ‘service-to-others’ path. They chose to take the path of love and this internal shift is reflected in their everyday life. Our second selection, however, has chosen to embrace fear and separation or ‘service to self’. This is the precursor to Ascension in a nutshell, a veritable heaven-(or hell)-upon-Earth-scenario which is unique to the individual choice-maker. Not only do they experience it, but they’ve actually created it. They’ve created it with either the guidance of or the ignorance in the eternal wisdom within their hearts. The heart will always point in the direction of love.

Ascension is an inside job.

The true Ascension theory is as follows: At a point very soon, the Earth, as her living, breathing self will evolve out of a third density (grossly physical, material-based) existence into a fourth density (etheric, compassionate, no-room-for-bullshit-based) existence. This Earthly shift will be aided and precipitated by incredible solar activity, high-vibratory cosmic waves from the galactic center, and a galaxy-wide immersion in an immense Photon belt as we climb the Sacred Spiral of Evolution back toward Creation(all of which is currently happening).

In this scenario, as the Earth ascends, she’ll need a people to inhabit her beautiful surface, to live in harmony with her upon this holy plane. But there’s a catch — these specific denizens must be vibrating at a certain frequency which is harmonious with her new paradigm. It’s a very delicate process. She needs a date to the prom, but this lucky mate better match her new dress or they just can’t come along for the ride!

When we choose compassion over separation, we’ve raised our vibratory rate and thus met the qualifications of this shift into fourth density. If we can hold this vibration for long enough (meaning constant service and self-love everyday), we’ll sustain that vibration and actually change the very DNA upon which our physicality is based. This shift in our corporeal vehicle is critical as our current model cannot exist in a higher dimensionality without disintegrating. It all comes down to pure physics.

So you see, Ascension is an inside job. It is all based on a devoted choice to consider someone else before ourselves. If we can do this correctly, then we’ve passed the ultimate test and can receive passage into this paradise of fourth density.

But, what about the Earth changes?

Glad you asked. The other aspect of this Ascension theory has to do with divergent timelines. Now, this gets us into Quantum Mechanics which cannot be fully explained in this article, but I’ll sum it up as best I can…

Every individual decision creates a new timeline of experience. Each alternative decision which went unchosen continues on its own timeline in a probabilistic dimension alongside ours. A version of you decided to take that right on your bike long ago and had a bad fall; you never fell because you chose to take that left. Good thing you took that left, right? Well, as above, so below. Just as the individual creates multiple timelines, so too does a collective mass of people. Because of this, those polarized toward ‘service-to-others’ will experience a completely different reality during the Ascension than those who chose themselves.

The Ascension theory continues to read that those who chose the path of goodness will ascend to a new density with the Earth, a new experience of their personal/collective reality. And those who chose to continue that ugly dance of karma and heartache, pain and stress, anger and depression, will see a different reality that will really make them think about themselves: a horrific series of Earth-shaking events which will most likely lead to their demise. Earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, super-storms — you name it, they’ll experience it.

So, how do I ascend?

Great question. What you can do right this moment is love. Love deeply yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and even the strangers you find on the street. Remember to choose love over separation. Remember that on the most surface of levels, we are all different so there’s no room for judgment, and on the most fundamental of levels, we’re all the same, so as you judge another, so too do you judge yourself. But in this, as you smile at another, as you teach another, as you learn from another, as you love another, so too do you love yourself.

Each and every day, make a concerted effort to choose love in all your actions and thoughts. Choose to see the love inherent in the beautiful existence around you. C

Choose love in all you do and love will come to meet you no matter where you are. After awhile, you will unconsciously polarize toward service-to-others. Rest easy in this divine truth. Choose to listen to that voice of wisdom within, allow it to guide you, unveiling your true path as you boldly walk.


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