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"I've now had 2 sessions with Zane Wheeler and they've been so great. After the first session, I had the best week of my life followed by a not so great weekend. I was pretty disappointed prior to speaking with Zane in my second session. As soon as I told him everything, he said how in this work this is perfectly normal. Things fall apart, people leave or you leave them, so that something even better can come along. I had a lot of anxiety prior, and that really helped me see how what we perceive as "bad" things are actually good things. It's uncomfortable sometimes. But otherwise you'd be stuck in the same vibration, attracting the same. Ever since my second session, I've seen more repeating numbers and messages. I believe that Angels are looking out for us and we just have to ask them for their help. I've done that and they really respond quickly now. I even laugh sometimes at how much they send me. This morning I saw a hummingbird flying outside my window at work. There's nothing there to attract a hummingbird right outside there. It was really special. On the way home I saw a dead hawk. I came home and a picture of a hummingbird popped up on the screensaver on my tv. I'm so glad to choose to do this work for myself and to have such great guides, both Zane and my team of Angels. I feel like I'm finally learning to completely put all my trust in the universe that everything is all going to work out."

Lindsay, Atlanta, GA

"As a skeptical teenager, going to hypnotherapy was something I had never considered until I got to the point of "no return." Begining this journey, I didn't believe that hypnotherapy wasn't just a bunch of "mumbo-jumbo," and was cautious to accept it, having been offered no hard scientific facts about it from my parents, and believing that it would be something like the "hypnosis" you see in movies. But by 10 minutes into my first session, after learning that it was more of a form of guided meditation, I was starting to catch on to the fact that I could possibly be on the verge of something amazing. Working with Zane was the catalyst that caused me to realize some of my innermost fears, and showed me that to help myself, I needed to reach inside to discover the roots of my issues. In three sessions, Zane helped me successfully traverse my own sacred place of healing, discover a repressed memory, (and tap into it,) and uncover what I really want for my future, all in the most supportive, loving and frankly, awesome, way possible. For those who are skeptical about whether hypnotherapy is worth bothering with, I can truthfully say that it is."

Zoe, Sebastopol

"After my FIRST session with Zane, I left a completely different person! When I came to him I was really desperate for help with my depression and more importantly this uncontrollable urge to want to commit suicide every time life hit me and knocked me down. I had been to different therapists and nothing was really working for me. It wasn't until I met with Zane that things really change for me. So if you are looking to change yourself and to heal the issues that have been plaguing you, you should definitely make an appointment."

Michael, Rohnert Park

"I have taken anti-depressants for 11 years now. With Zane's help, we have gotten to the ROOT of my depression and I quit taking my medication 4 months ago with minimal side effects. I have the tools necessary to check in with my inner child and find the root of my dis-ease. Zane, thank you for giving me the tools I didn't know I possessed all along." 

Samone, Santa Rosa

"Zane was a gentle healer in a time where I was in a lot of distress and going through a break up. He was very practical with clear communication of goals and methods, while also being extremely deep in his spiritual presence. He showed me the battle of my inner archetypes, and helped me find new energies to work with so that I can be at peace. I highly recommend a session with him for any emotional or relationship problems."

Hayley, Oakland

"Zane is a masterful healer. I my sessions with him he took me to a relaxed state I was probably the most relaxed in my life. Amazing. Then we were able to clear emotional blocks I did not know I had! I am happy to recommend him. You are in good hands in the Golden Road."

Laszlo, San Francisco

"I have worked with Zane now over a series of sessions and can't speak highly enough of his practice. I've had breakthroughs which include the somatic healing of a skin disorder, finding a truly powerful spirit guide, and connecting with my truest self. I even found my inner mate; seeing myself through his eyes gave me a realization I will never forget- I'm exuberant, beautiful, and full of life. From clearing trauma to simply uplifting his clients, Zane's method is a direct path to success, enlightenment, and self-realization. His style is calm and soothing, while remaining authoritative and powerful. His home office feels safe, inviting and professional. I strongly recommend the Golden Road to any curious minds- his work speaks for itself."

Noel, Santa Rosa

"I would highly recommend Zane Wheeler to anyone who is serious about change. This was my first experience with hypnosis and Zane's care and professionalism allowed me to relax. I would say hypnosis has changed my life."

Mary, Santa Rosa

"Zane is a very thoughtful, mindful and compassionate therapist with a great sense of humor and a lot of genuine enthusiasm for your success. He represents the best blend of amiable support and professional excellence. Do not hesitate to give his practice a try for a journey in the self; you won't ever regret it."   

George, San Francisco

"My smoking habit was affecting my life and lifestyle and I had made numerous unsuccessful attempts at quitting. After a little bit of education, I became aware of the fact that my unconscious perception of nicotine and my habits could be altered through hypnosis and meditation. I have not had a single craving for nicotine since I made the decision to be open-minded and follow through with my session with Zane. I am forever grateful to Zane and his line of work for helping me to quit smoking cigarettes."

Ben, Santa Rosa

"Zane Wheeler is a gifted therapist. The combination of his understanding of Transpersonal Psychology combined with his sensitive and empathic skills of Hypnotherapy gave me a deep sense of trust during our session. I chose the Hypnotherapy session combined with the Conference Room Technique from his offerings. The entire experience was exceptional and safe, like being in a deeply relaxed mood and talking with a trusted advisor. Afterwards I felt refreshed and had new insights to why I struggle with anxiety, fear and OCD tendencies. The best part is since our session those issues are considerably less and when they do arise I have several new tools to help me access my own intuition and deep knowing rather than to let the fear dictate my actions. I recommend Zane unequivocally to anyone seeking a unique and powerfully transformative experience."

Amalia, Santa Rosa

"I’ve been dealing with Lyme disease for quite some time now, and until I saw Zane, my treatments had not been working like I had hoped. I felt like I needed to release some old emotions before I can truly heal, but I wasn’t sure how to go about that. Then I had a session with Zane and he provided a safe place for me to explore and express what I needed to, and that experience helped me release some old emotions and heal some very old traumas. I left there feeling so much lighter and really hopeful for my healing process. He is truly a gifted healer!"

Michelle, Santa Rosa

"Zane has a natural gift for hypnosis, a soft voice, and an excellent story creator/teller. I went to quit smoking, cigarettes (just began again) and also 'Nicorette' Lozenges (had been using for months).  Zane's prep work was thorough and the actual session provided healing, exploration, and sign posts, that allowed not only quitting, but a sense of well being and compassion for myself. Thank you Zane and I would recommend you to anyone looking to change a behavior."

Jeff, Sebastopol

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