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"I recommend Zane unequivocally to anyone seeking a unique and powerfully transformative experience."

"He was very practical with clear communication...while also being extremely deep in his spiritual presence." 


I'm Zane Wheeler, and I've been a coach of many shapes and sizes for almost a decade, with a career in the healing arts spanning almost 20 years. I'm a conversational coach specializing in the healing of past trauma, with an emphasis on religious trauma.  

So often, we walk through this life with an absence of a true compass to lead us through. The real shame is that because of trauma inflicted upon us by others, we've been robbed of a chance to truly heal. I provide a safe space for those who've suffered abuse at the hands of someone claiming to be righteous -- what we might call religious trauma.

As a former New Ager and current follower of the teachings of Christ,
 I make it my goal to provide a safe space for those who've suffered such abuse. I believe that true healing comes from an intimacy with the Divine, but in order to cultivate that, one must first heal their relationship with it.

Do you suffer from religious trauma? Do you feel disconnected from God, or unbelieving altogether? Let's see how we can give you a fresh start. 
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As of September of 2023, I am indefinitely closed for session-work. I apologize for the inconvenience. Be well. 

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