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What are you seeking?

Mental Balance
Anxiety Disorders, Phobias, Insomnia, Negative Self Talk, Motivational Issues, Low Self Esteem, Impotence, etc.
Depression, PTSD, Childhood Trauma (Re-Parenting, Re-Birthing, etc.)
Addiction Issues (Drugs, Drink, Smoke, Shopping, Sugar, TV, Sex, etc.)

Physical Fortitude
Chronic Pain; Disease (Lyme, Rheumatism, Cancer, etc.), Injury Reparation, Chronic Pain, Infertility, Weight Loss, etc.


Spiritual Sanctity
Higher Self Work, Inner Child Work, Guide Work (Inner Archetypes)
Purpose, Authentic Living, Getting UNSTUCK!

A closer look...

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Coaching Survey

In order to schedule, you'll need to fill out a Coaching Request Survey. This is used to get an idea of your mindset and approach to healing work. I accept almost all who submit but, since my work is in high demand, I want to make sure you're ready.

Fee Info and Scheduling available upon acceptance.

Please be aware that a 50% No-Show fee applies.

If canceling within 24 hrs prior to a session, be prepared for a 30% fee.

Step into your POWER.

"As an Esoteric Life Coach, I use a combination of sophisticated healing modalities driven by Self-Communication as a vehicle for my clients' transformation in-session. These are the very same techniques that I utilize to balance my own energies regularly. The work is a process of teaching these practices so one can experience the same freedom that I feel on a daily basis.

This work provides practical techniques to overcome everyday obstacles."


 - Zane Wheeler

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