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The Energetics of Love pt2

Part II - The Removal Process

With my client Anna lying supine in my office, thoroughly entranced (relaxed and introspective), we were able to begin our journey into the deep mind, the journey into the very heart of her revenant relationship. As you read ahead, please keep in mind the notion of our ‘field of interconnection’ from the previous article. With particular emphasis not only on its profound impact on our everyday lives, but more importantly, its pivotal role in love relationships. But, more on that in a moment — back to the business at hand: helping this client!

Our goal was simple: we were to make contact with an internal representation of her ex-husband using a technique called Etheric Plane Communication. When the mind and body are relaxed, they merge beautifully as would two great rivers spilling into a sea; the sea in this context being our trance state. A wholly aligned body/mind complex produces a perceptual short-circuit wherein the experiencer can traverse an inner world, assessing emotional complications from an uninhibited, mystically fluid mental state. Hypnotherapists and Trance Coaches utilize this state by empowering their clients to unearth their own issues, and as the trance state functions also as a ‘flow’ or resource state, issues are examined with brand new eyes and solvedusing this natural alignment with positivity.

Traumas, pain, complications, hang-ups, and resentments bubble from the depths of this sea, naturally releasing themselves upon reaching the surface in a truly beautiful dance of internal reunification.

From within this exquisite internal context, both Anna and I confronted the inner archetypal apparition (the metaphysical stand-in) of her ex-husband. Imagine for a moment, dear reader, that those iterations of your estranged father or best friend, confronted in your dream state while asleep, could be brought before you and intentionally dialogued with; imagine which conflicts could be resolved or emotional heights reached. Trance allows for this by making use of this ‘loophole’ in consciousness. We’ve effectively accessed her dream state while waking and the perceptual mind knows not the difference. (For a deeper look into this phenomenon, see my write-up on The 3-Mind Model.)

Her ex-husband Chris, when evoked, appeared before Anna in her mental landscape and assumed a rather sheepish disposition. Her body language immediately shifted to a more ‘reserved’ posturing as she laid upon my freudian lounge, at which point I knew we’d made contact with the right entity (not an impostor, which certainly happens).

“Chris”, she said with a long sigh, “I’ve called you here today to work toward my own sense of closure — something I’ve deserved for a very long time.”

As she spoke, I watched her courage gather and a small smile grow upon her face. Her body was unaware that she was only imagining this scenario, and it began to respond in kind. Her clenched fists slowly loosen and her jaw disengaged as I coached her into her ‘flow state’, clearing her mind and helping her focus on the main intention — to disengage from her ex for good! And to accomplish this, I knew we must look to the field of interconnection…

I had her first voice her anger at this man, for all that he has put her through, for the pain, the emotional repression, the guilt. In a truly beautiful moment of divine articulation, just as the wise serpent sheds the skin which binds its body, so too did Anna shed her anger-masked fear which bound her heart. We then waited for a response from Chris, who seemed more than aloof (all too often the case in these sessions). And then it happened: Anna responded to his apathy not with more anger, but instead with love. “He’s a broken man”, she voiced with a compassionate look on her face. “He never meant to hurt me, he was patterned that way from the beginning; he’d never seen another way to be.”

I wasted no time congratulating her for reaching this amazing height of understanding and decided to bolster it with even more love. I coached her to give thanks to this man for the good things he’s brought into her life. We must understand that with all spiritual work (especially cord removal), supreme forgiveness must always be worked toward; hidden resentments only serve to crystallize the cording, extending the covert and dangerous pain far longer than needed. An immense removal of a very personal form of suppression occurs when this unique state of forgiveness is reached. One unknowingly locks themselves in an invisible prison of pain and resentment when holding these burdens in a Sisyphean struggle to end all others. We must break free to remain spiritually buoyant, and Anna had done just that.

At this point in the session, so much had been processed emotionally that the actual cord removal ceremony to come seemed more like a formality than a necessity, but I assure you (as I did her) that it is a vital element of the process. And so it began. With an internal scan (an energetic inventory, if you will) of her own body — something she intuits herself through — Anna found two cords (condensed etheric connections) leaving her torso, running directly into Chris’ body. As she described them and explained to me their placement, I knew right away that these cords denoted both a corroded love relationship and a sexual yearning gone unrequited. “I have one in my heart that looks weak and dark — it feels gross,” she reported, “and one in my belly that seems like it’s stronger on his end; it hurts a bit on my end. I don’t like either!”

“Great!” I replied. “Time to rid yourself of him for good!”

With a wave of essential oil under her nose to induce a deeper state of trance and empower her through the next part of the process, we began. “Anna,” I said, “listen very carefully; as you fall into a more intensified trance state, notice how the picture within you grows stronger, and so too do you. With both hands now, grab ahold of the lowest cord and notice how it feels.” I watched as she moved her hands to her belly and slowly wrapped her fingers around the invisible cord. “Good, how does it feel now that you’ve made contact?” I asked. “Ugly,” she replied, “old.” “Old,” I repeated. A curious description, I thought.

“Notice the ugliness, fixate upon it, feel its age, notice just how old it is,” I instructed. “See very closely now that you, Anna, are neither ugly nor old. This cord is not of you, it is an invader. Slowly and easily now, as if to peer inside of your belly, watch as the tendrils connecting this cord to you begin to break one by one.” I watched her perform this process for a moment and continued with my directions. “Good! Give back to him all of the pain, the guilt, the struggle, the repression, let it leave with this nasty cord!”And, with some long, releasing breaths, she delicately albeit quite tenaciously pulled the cord from her very body…

It never ceases to amaze me how one’s complexion, facial expressions, and body language respond to this work. She was freeing herself from undue sexual repression right before my eyes! Truly unbelievable.

We then made quick work of the final cord which penetrated her heart.

Cording such as this often has quite an emotional charge attached to it for obvious reasons, so we performed this particular removal process while exercising a great deal of respect. As the last of the final cord was removed, a sensation befell the room as if the winds on this great sea had suddenly changed direction; the weather system of emotion was drastically altered and both an internal and quite palpable external shift had occurred.

She was indeed free.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she choked back the feeling of sweet release. After years of entrapment, she was finally able to soar once again. This amazing feeling was reflected in a smile which then crossed her face; one of those smiles that seemed to start in the heart, and the lips couldn’t help but mimic. Following the smile was a sigh of relief and a long moment of silence. It was as though she had given birth to a new version of herself — resurrected, she internally stretched and cooed at the dawn of this new day.

At this point in the session, the client’s intuitive guidance takes over and a form of protection is employed to block any possible attempts at cording in the future. Generally, the profound shift which occurs at the moment of detachment is enough to shock the central nervous system into developing its own forms of protection. Chris’ pull on Anna was no more and the effects of this detachment could be seen rippling into all areas of her life, burning away the impurities of negativity and depression. Since the cords had been completely removed, I invited her to imagine all of the aspects of her pure, authentic being that had been forced from those wounded areas to return easily and naturally and reassert their dominion. A body-oriented re-unification process of the highest order!

We ended the session and after a quick moment of conscious state processing, she excitedly leapt from from her seat, eager to start her brand new life. A check-in one week later alerted me to the fact that Anna had made significant progress with her new frame of awareness. No longer did she find that her life was dragging by, she reported that a weight had been lifted which resulted in better luck and a happier disposition; she felt a lightness, a child-like buoyancy that had been absent from her for years, but most importantly, random thoughts of Chris no longer plagued her mind. She was truly free.

After a session such as this, I’ve found that the client more often than not adopts a more forward-thinking view of energetics leading to a rather formidable paradigm shift around the issue. A cascade of understanding can be observed as one realizes the weight of this ‘field of interconnection’ in their lives — and humanity as a macro-organism. This new shift inevitably leads to a veritable eruption of new questions to be meditated upon. What implications does an energetic worldview have? How does this ‘field’ affect politics, racial interaction, socioeconomic views? Could it be that adopting this view of the world allows one to uncover and begin to move toward an embodiment of this idea of true unconditional love? The love we hear of which interpenetrates and encompasses all Creation? If energetics has such an effect on the microcosm of an interpersonal relationship, in which ways does it affect the macrocosm of humanity at large?

We must continually remind ourselves, day in and out, that we are all one; to love thy neighbor is to love thyself. We mustn’t be afraid to fall in love with the spark within ourselves, for it is this spark which binds us — at the spark level, we all look the same. Remember Anna, and as she is now, choose for yourself to always live in love.

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