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Wounded Child, Wounded World

"No thing external can comfort and sate the soul like the innocent, childlike, pure, and unadulterated love one can have for oneself.”

All too often in this money-driven, survival-based society, we are confronted with the nagging, unwavering notion that there should be more to this life; a feeling which inspires a great deal of vexation.And if we are able to then steal enough time for a genuine analysis of this sentiment, we might see that the more does not refer to an external want for a bigger car or heated pool, but instead to a fundamental lack of internal expansion. Buried down within, a barely conscious part of us may insatiably crave a soulful expression of the deepest urges of our creative capacity, an urge which is bolstered by a confident and calm inner constitution — a state akin to the pure impulsivity of a child. Unfortunately, we inevitably come to the conclusion that our nine-to-five “rat-race” lifestyles cannot accommodate such an impetus.

As the ineffectual feeling of imprisonment in our own lifestyle sets in, we begin to see that, embedded in this human experience is a feeling of lack, which, if left ignored and untreated can dilate into an overwhelming, albeit oddly subtle anxiety. An inexplicable discomfort within which the simple human flounders in his confidence and balances on the thin line between ecstasy and insanity. Discontented with his performance at work, judged by his superiors, bored at home, unhappily questioning the entirety of his purpose, we can easily see how existentialism came into being. If we could only learn to embrace the childlike qualities that lay within, often dormant and forced into repression by the constraints of adulthood. If only we could combat the seriousness of life, the mundanity of corporeality, the struggle of competition by remembering how to play, how to truly live, how to truly be present, these crises could very well be removed.

Our general inclination in the distant past when our sentience was expressed in the form of early man was to go within in times of stress, honoring the sacred places inside our gestalt or inner world. This incredibly intuitive and effective solution to the problem of facing an external influence over which we are disgruntled, was forced into the deep underground vault of irrelevance. In the quickly expanding industrial universe, man hadn’t the time to go within, lest he be persecuted for insurrection and left for dead by an unforgiving financial system. Western religion taught us to go within, but only if we wittingly relinquished our will to an arbitrary conception of ‘god’ which was conveniently fashioned after the ancient ruling class’s pantheon of personal deities; many of whom were vile, evil, jealous harbingers of deceit. Our prayers were not answered and we were not reminded to worship ourselves as the loving creator gods and goddesses that we truly are and have always been. Man was literally cemented into this physical reality by the necessity of survival.

On a lighter note, we have come to rediscover certain truths that have existed since ancient times which point to our true potential as spiritual figures within these human-shaped vessels. It can be shown that our bodies transmit, react to, and are governed by vibratory frequencies which are deeply aligned with our thoughts and intentions. If we strive for power, sex, and money above all else, as we have been conditioned to do, we haven’t the time or capacity for loving each other and certainly can’t see the need to love ourselves — internal love being the core of all external love. This vicious cycle of lower astral or base intent has kept us imprisoned in the physical dimension of experience for millennia; but, thankfully, there is a solution…

We have come to find that a delicate part of our emotional composition which has a direct influence over our ability or inability to live in love has been washed away, hidden beneath, and repudiated; this lost part of us is our once beloved Inner Child.

Upon entering the world of Alchemy some months ago, I hadn’t heard much about Inner Child work. My curiosity peaked when after a thorough and extensive education on the subject, I ascertained an epiphany. I came to the conclusion that the deficiency within the individual that allows society to remain unbalanced and fixated on the great power grab was that of the absence of the Inner Child. Our blind exertion toward the common goal of a ‘manifest destiny’ which had been engrained and conditioned into our naive belief systems since birth turned out to be a pitfall in itself. Money does not buy love, for love cannot be bought at all, it must be cultivated, and a wounded child within will not feel that they deserve love — ever. So we start to see that the wealth we all involuntarily contend for externally is really a manifestation of an internal need for comfort and love; ergo, the true wealth has and always will lie within. No thing external can comfort and sate the soul like the innocent, childlike, pure, and unadulterated love one can have for oneself.

Amazingly enough, this sentiment regarding the need for self-love, which finds vast profundity in its truth, is scarcely related to the mentality of the public in most societies today. If only we could, as a people, resurrect the mere idea that the child inside exists, the healing therein would be infectiously exponential. But, herein lies the bright light at the end of the proverbial tunnel as any and all movement toward karmic recovery and growth has woven within this undeniable tenet: the burden of responsibility for one’s own spiritual growth lies upon the seeker and the seeker alone. And, with Alchemical Hypnotherapy, the seeker has an easy, safe, and incredibly effective and revelatory method to call forth and reembody the revenant child within.

In the work of Carl Jung, the concept of the Inner Child is referred to as a Homunculus, which is a basic representation of the unconscious inner self of the seeker (Jung, Carl (1983). Alchemical Studies. Princeton University Press). We as alchemists take this notion a step further and actually facilitate the transformation of this profane Homunculus into a powerful inner resource that interacts with the seeker at all times. The natural qualities of the seeker’s own depiction of themselves as children are acknowledged as being denizens of their own gestalt, and they are then initiated as the caretaker of this powerful inner guide. Simply put, a safe, happy inner child lives within their adult self as a constant reminder of how to live life as a child. Adults with happy, exuberant inner children are affable, carefree, and playful when they want to be, and assertive, responsible, and dutiful when they need to be; but most importantly, they are ecstatic to be alive. An adult with a contented Inner Child is also a lover of life, a creative genius, and a joyous, buoyant spirit; the kind of person who truly holds an acute unconditional love for themselves, and in turn can love others with a profoundly passionate purity.

In a society as sick as ours, one cannot help but wonder what life would be like if we all took responsibility for our own happiness. We must come to see that the ideas of success that have been fed to us throughout our lives are diversions from the true path of self-fulfillment. We must see that we’ve been led astray by the ulterior motives of those writing the history books, those making the laws, and those within whom we’ve placed our faith, which is after all, our only sense of identity left. Our children within must be acknowledged, nurtured, and supported, for they are literally our true source of joy in this unforgiving world. Employing the work of Alchemical Hypnotherapy can help the seeker render all past indiscretions perpetrated unto them emotionally ineffectual by using an entranced state to return to the memory, punish the villain, evoke an apology, rescue the child victim, and remove the sting of the incident, the painful echoes of which stretch far into the future. Relief from the anxiety and depression of a pointless life is not only possible but readily available, and those who choose to take responsibility for their happiness, as I did, will see very quickly that the work truly rewrites the past, alters the present, and ameliorates the future.

It’s time for us to break free from the ancient concrete which still serves to subjugate the weary, obsequious masses. Not a drop of blood needeth be spilled, nor a cross hammered — our trail into a new future is a peaceful one. Our time has come to choose a new path; allow your Inner Child the freedom its always deserved and experience the joy that ensues.

Let the individual heal and the world will inevitably follow…

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