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The Magic of Manifestation

I thought to myself, “if this works, I’m going to write about it.”

So here I am. One day, not long ago, I drove through the pouring rain. Heading to a lunch meeting downtown, I watched with some slight fear as the wipers on the windshield beat at their quickest rate, barely keeping up with the deluge of water crashing down. Luckily, my fellow drivers elected to use their headlights in this mid-afternoon outing, otherwise there would surely have been a collision due to the severe degree to which my sight was obscured.

My destination was only a four mile drive, but in this downpour, it felt like an entire county away. I was alone and I began to think. “I wonder if what’s happening to me right now is a lesson?”

Somewhat bewildered by the notion, I refocused upon the road. I had kept my cool throughout the day in spite of the fact that I had in my past been prone to stress and anxiety in times like these. And, to this I began to think that I had, in some way, passed a small test.

I smiled, pondering, “what if everything I was experiencing right now was a test? Some sort of opportunity for growth?”

I decided at that moment that I would relate to my present car ride in this way…

“Obstacles arise in the hero’s journey”, I thought, “and if I’ve learned anything from my studies of myth, I can say with some certainty, that these obstacles are both a symbol for and a test of the hero’s internal composure. They are literally created by the hero himself.” I then made what seemed like a simple delineation between my current circumstance and that of the mythical hero; for we both had trials set before us. But, if my assessment of his situation was true, (that he in fact creates his own trials, merely to pass them and become celebrated in story), then I certainly had my work cut out for me…

It was then that I decided to take control of the way the rest of the drive unfolded. I became the hero of old, gripping the wheel and setting my intention to see the road with a heightened awareness, respond with an advanced reflexivity, and heck, why not add in a bit of time distortion to help my decision-making?

As soon as I gave this bundle of intent to the ether, I slipped into a superhuman state. I saw moments ahead into the future, intuitively responding to hazards as they appeared, premonitively predicting changes in the flow of traffic. Time slowed, I became stronger, more aware, and completely in control of the way each moment unfolded — the archetype had birthed within me.

I saw with astonishment that I had created this supreme state of being from thin air, with only my intent. I then thought, “well, I’m heading downtown, why not create a parking spot right in front of the restaurant?” In an instant, a system of real-time manifestation overtook my body and mind, as though an unseen hand had commandeered my perception. I performed this manifestation ritual as if directed by shear intuition and sure enough, as I reached my destination, I saw two backup lights illuminate right in front of the entrance to the restaurant. My parking spot had revealed itself.

I parked and sat as the rain crashed down, thinking to myself, “what had I done?” If what just happened was real, then that means all of this ‘co-creator’ talk I’d been hearing lately was legitimate. Sure, I bought into the idea, but seeing it face to face is a different story. “Am I really in control of my reality?” I thought. “Yes, you are,” said a voice deep within.

Manifestation Ritual:

1. Using the Mind, imagine the outcome you wish to create to the best of your ability. Make the picture vivid and realistic. If driving, as in the story above, see the image without closing your eyes (create an impression of the outcome rather than an image). I had envisioned the very impression of backup lights igniting as I approached. The make and model of the car as well as the exact parking space was a mystery, but I knew I was affecting the ether with the introduction of this new belief (or change in the timeline). All you need do is envision the luckiest possible outcome in the near future and make it as specific as you can.

2. Using your Body, imagine the feeling of receiving the requested outcome. How will you feel when you’ve received this gift? Bask in the bliss and magic for a moment while envisioning this miraculous outcome with your mind’s eye. This engages the incredibly powerful emotional function; the body-mind. We can begin to see that a vision charged with emotion has the vibratory quality of creation, which is essential for proper manifestation.

3. Using your Spirit, project into the ether a wave of Gratitude. Give this thanks in advance for the coming gift. Imagining that you are receiving it at that very moment, give the thanks that would be given for such magic having been produced. This third and final step will complete the exchange of manifestation. As you can be certain that focus bolstered by emotion is the creative force of the universe, projecting this power into the future will surely bring to you what you desire, so giving thanks only helps to lubricate the mechanism. The gift is the outcome, the ‘thank you’ note is an effusive and grateful heart.

Manifestation : Envision > Emotion > Effusion

After the gratitude leaves your heart, let all recollection of the manifestation process leave with it. Sit in a state of grateful receptivity and watch the magic come to life.

Play with this method, using it in different circumstances. Treat it like a consciousness experiment. And remember, as with all legitimate experiments, the test must be conducted within a controlled environment. Eliminate all aberrant thoughts which could very well serve to confound the outcome. By this, I mean simply: remove all doubt and fear of failure that may enter into the process. Let go of old notions of how the world works and lean into the new possibility that you are a creative being with an incredible potential as yet unimagined.

I can say without a shred of uncertainty that this ability exists. This is the time for the world to awaken to the true potential of the human spirit. We must work to envision a utopian society, free from tyrannical governance, a lobotomizing financial system, and an antiquated and repressive obligation to worship something outside of ourselves. We are gods and goddesses walking this Earth with incredible powers. We are the true magicians and creators of this reality. Let us be free and have the creative license that we deserve. It is up to each of us to reclaim this power individually. Once amassed, we can begin our reemergence.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

Be well, my Mages. Until next time...

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